Kæde 12 speed CeramicSpeed UFO SRAM AXS Flattop - 114 led - 107529

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CeramicSpeed UFO kæde til SRAM AXS

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CeramicSpeed UFO kæde til SRAM AXS


  • PowerLock
  • Solid pin
  • 114 led - flattop
  • Passer til SRAM 12-speed AXS Force og Red


Due to its unique optimisation treatment, CeramicSpeed's Ultrafast Racing Chain saves you watts and improves your performance with free speed and unparalleled low friction. Our ultrafast racing chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark.

This ultrafast chain has been optimised for SRAM AXS Road 12-speed compatibility, to boost the efficiency of your entire drivetrain.

CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains can save you between 2–5 watts on a distance of 600 km/370 miles. Apply CeramicSpeed UFO Drip after 600km to maintain your peak chain optimization over the life of the chain. 

Be aware that the UFO treatment is not optimised for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. Read more about this in the maintenance tab.

In The Box:

  • 114 link Optimized Chain
  • Quick Link
  • Single Use UFO Drip sample
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Sticker Sheet
Mounting your new optimised chain is no different from the installation of any other chain.

Be aware that the chain is covered with Teflon® powder, which might scatter when taken out of the bag. Use the set of gloves provided in the package and make sure to cover the floor when installing the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain. Always connect the chain with the connecting link provided. We do not recommend reusing the connecting link. To install your chain, a chain tool is required. Shorten the chain at optimal length.

When cutting the chain with the chain tool, remember that the cut needs to be made so that the chain-ends are both inner plates. Attach the two pieces of the connecting link where the link rivet matches the link plate hole, then pull the chain to activate the lock.


Within 600 km/370 miles, to benefit from the full advantages of the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain, you must not wash the chain before the mileage is exceeded. However, if your chain needs cleaning, use a dry cloth or a soft brush and carefully remove the dirt off the chain. When taking the chain off for maintenance or cleaning, remember to reinstall it in the same direction as before. In the case of a mild shower, where the chain has not been exposed to water more than a few minutes, the chain performance properties should not be affected. 

In the case of light showers, we recommend applying UFO Drip Chain Coating, after wiping off the excess Teflon powder with a dry cloth, if any left on the chain. Allow the UFO Drip Chain Coating to dry off before riding. 

In the case of heavy showers, you should cover your chain in a protective grease on top of the UFO treatment. This will slightly influence the watt savings, but it will protect the chain while still improving your performance. 

After 600 km/370 miles the chain may undergo maintenance, keeping in mind that traces of the optimisation are still left on the chain. When using UFO Drip Chain Coating, after the 600 km/370 miles, please follow the instructions on the bottle. Note that the huge watts saving of 2-5 watts is achieved within the first 600 km/370 miles interval and decrease slightly after the UFO treatment wears off.


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Producent CeramicSpeed
Producent nummer: 107529
Speed 12 speed
Kædeled 114 led
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