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CeramicSpeed BB86 Shimano Krankboks Coated - sort - 101340

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Krankboks Ceramicspeed BB86 til Shimano kranksæt

  • Akseldiameter 24 mm (Højre side)
  • Akseldiameter 24 mm (Venstre side)
  • PressFit ø41 mm
  • Stelbredde 86 mm
  • Coated ceramic lejer
  • Sort
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Krankboks Ceramicspeed BB86

  • Akseldiameter 24 mm (Højre side)
  • Akseldiameter 24 mm (Venstre side)
  • PressFit ø41 mm
  • Stelbredde 86 mm
  • Coated ceramic lejer
  • Sort


The BB86 mountain bike standard was designed to integrate bearings into the bottom bracket for weight reduction. This kit works with the standard: it consists of two cups that are pressed into either side of the shell.

There are two versions of this bottom bracket. Both come with CeramicSpeed Bearings installed into cups. The first is our long life, low drag Standard Bearing, with hardened-steel races and our CeramicSpeed super round, super hard balls. The second is our coated bearing, which uses those same CeramicSpeed Balls installed on coated, hardened-steel races for longer life and less bearing drag.

In The Box

  • 2 bottom bracket cups with bearings installed.
  • 2 dust covers with integrated spacers installed.
  • Spacer tube.
  • 10ml syringe of LongLife Grease.
  • Sticker sheet.

Tech data:

This CeramicSpeed BB86 Bottom Bracket meshes with thru-axle cranks that have 24mm spindles, including both Shimano and FSA.

CeramicSpeed standard Bearings typically have frictional drag of 0.3-0.4 watts per set. That means an average 75% drag reduction compared to standard bottom brackets. The hardened-steel races feature CeramicSpeed Balls that are 100% smoother and 15% harder than the ceramic competition. The CeramicSpeed Bearings last at least three times longer than other bearings.

Coated Bearings drop friction further and increase lifespan to applying a coating to the races. The coated races see a 50% drag reduction and an improvement in bearing life of 60%.

LongLife Grease comes installed, but can be changed for lower drag All Round Grease, which is fine for less extreme conditions.

CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets

The CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets guarantee you the lowest friction, optimised power transfer, and longest product lifetime, helping you to save watts or ride faster. Fitting almost all standards available on the market, more than 150 types of CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets are available for upgrading your bike. Choosing to upgrade with a bottom bracket with coated bearings, you benefit from even further reduced friction and better resistance to contamination and corrosion.

CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket Compatibility

The CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets covers 99% of all cranks brands and models in the market, from Shimano to SRAM and Campagnolo. Some of the latest additions to the CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket product range are the SRAM DUB compatible Bottom Brackets that covers almost all compatibilities. 

Bottom Brackets for road, MTB and triathlon

No matter the discipline, there's a CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket that fits. The Bottom Brackets come in both road, tri and MTB specific variants. Use the CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket Fit Finder to find the right fit for your specific crank. Among the CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets specifically designed for MTB cranks are CeramicSpeed BSA30 MTB, CeramicSpeed PF4630 MTB, PF30 for Shimano MTB, PF30 for SRAM GXP MTB and many more. 

Coated Bottom Brackets for even better performance

All of the CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets come in a coated version for even longer lifetime and lower friction. The coating on the Bottom Brackets is a thin metallic layer that is 75% harder than the hardened-steel races and which offers an even better performance than the non-coated CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets. 

Bottom Bracket installation

If you need advice on how to install your CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket, then please go to the support page. Here you can find videos on how to install both crank and bottom bracket and get answers to your tech related questions. 

Maintenance of your CeramicSpeed Bottom Bracket

For guidance on how to maintain and clean your CeramicSpeed Bottom Brackets, please go to the maintenance page. Here you can also find a guide on how to maintain CeramicSpeed Bearings to make sure they keep performing.

SKU 14654
Produkt vægt (kg): 0.072
Forsendelsesvægt (kg): 0.120000
EAN 5711050001033
Producent CeramicSpeed
Producent nummer: 101340
Materiale Keramisk
Krank type Pressfit (ø41)
Stel type BB386 (ø42)
Krankboks hul ø41 mm
Krankboks bredde 86 mm
Udv leje dia. N/A
Indv. leje diameter 24 mm
Leje bredde N/A
Leje type Ceramic coated
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