Sadel Selle San Marco GrouND Dynamic Narrow 140 mm sort - 322MN401

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OFF Road saddel fra Selle San Marco

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  • Profil: Ground
  • Rails: Manganese
  • Sadelbund: Glasfiber forstærket
  • Skum: Pullfoam
  • Cover: Silkfeel / Plus
  • Bredde: 140 mm
  • Længde: 255 mm
  • Vægt ca 271 gram
  • Farver:
    • Top: Sort
    • Bund: Sort
  • idmatch: L3

GND has been specifically developed for OFF-ROAD.

Design and ergonomics in the new GND were conceived specifically to achieve the perfect mix between areas of release and areas of support. The front part is wider and softer compared to other saddles in the collection, offering increased comfort, even in more aggressive positions (for example, on climbs). The design, ergonomics, and width of the back part of the saddle offer perfect support for the cyclist, even when they’re not pushing hard on the pedals.

Its features and design make the GND saddle particularly suited for the Off-Road sector. The saddle’s structure is open in the middle to alleviate pressure, . The padding features a unique double density to optimize areas of support (front and back).

Considering the optimal support of the user while riding, GND is recommended also for E-MTB.



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Forsendelsesvægt (kg): 0.400000
Producent Selle San Marco
EAN 8030282524774
Producent nummer: 322MN401
Sadel rails Cro-Mo
Sadel længde 255 mm
Sadel bredde 140 mm
Sadel profil N/A
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